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Joysbaby is the first step on your journey to becoming a parent. Online physician ratings and reviews can help you find the provider who is right for you. You’ll find ratings and reviews for all Bronson OB/GYN – Capital Ave. physicians inBronson has experienced doctors to deliver your babyWhether you’re in the beginning stages of family planning or have recently found out a little one is on the way, finding the right care team for you and yourTheof Having a Baby!Is anything more exciting or amazing than a new life? Having a baby inspires great joy and lots of questions. Believe it or not, choosing your OB/GYN provider and where you deliver your baby may be the most important decisions of all. As your baby’s birth nears, you’ll have plenty on your mind. Feeling confident with the hospital you’ve chosen will help ease any stress you may be feeling onthe big day, and make for a memorable and exciting time when the newest member of your family comes into the world.the “find a doctor” section at OB/GYN – Capital Ave. in Battle Creek has so much to offer to theexpectant mother-to-be:• Experienced physicians and a dedicated staff that will take time to reviewyour prenatal care plan with you and answer any questions you may have. • All physicians perform deliveries at Bronson Battle Creek – the mostpreferred hospital for maternity care in Calhoun County.• All physicians are experienced in vaginal, C-section, and vaginal birth afterC-section (VBAC) deliveries.• All physicians partner with Bronson Maternal-Fetal Medicine, who willcare for you and your baby in the event of a high-risk pregnancy or any unforeseen complications. This could be due to a pre-existing condition, such as diabetes, or if you incur a condition during pregnancy, such as preeclampsia.Recently, Stephen and Nuam welcomed baby Jessica, who was born at the Bronson BirthPlace at Bronson Battle Creek.Bronson OB/GYN - Capital Ave. physicians include (left to right) Dr. Mahmood Siddiqui, Dr. Brian Krauss and Dr. Erika Dearing. To schedule an appointment, call (269) 979-6432.Bronson MyChart offers so many advantages for expectant momsAs a patient at Bronson OB/GYN - Capital Ave., you’ll want to sign up for a free Bronson MyChart account. Bronson MyChart is much more than just your electronic health record. It connects all providers involved in your care. Plus, it is an easy way to keep in touch with your doctor between appointments. Espe- cially when you’re pregnant, you’ll have lots of questions, such as “What foods should I eat?” or “If I’m not feeling well, is there any medicine that is safe to take?” You can also receive educational materials, request a medication refill, schedule appointments, pay bills online and so much more. Signing up for an account can be done on or through the office.“The team was well prepared to help us do skin-to-skin time in the operating room. I will forever be grateful for the experience.”Dr. Karen Garcia is a newborn hospitalist at Bronson Methodist Hospital. Since she lives closer to Battle Creek, it was an easy decision to deliver her second son at the Bronson BirthPlace – Battle Creek. “As a physician, I am not used to being on the receiving end of patient care, but I am incredibly grateful for the care that my family received,” Dr. Garcia said about the emergency C-section she had at the Bronson BirthPlace – Battle Creek. To read more about Dr. Garcia’s experience and other stories of positivity in action, visit

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