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Local InterestBY TIM ALLARD,Superintendent Calhoun Community High Schoolas the Burma Center or the Gathering Place. The building previously served as Springfield High School and after that was the home of the Battle Creek Math and Science Center before that program moved to the downtown area.and deserve less than their “traditional” student counterparts. Our students de- serve to be educated in a beautiful, state of the art, safe, and orderly environment as much as any other students. And now, we will have such a facility. You’ll see in this magazine pictures of the prog- ress being made. It is our plan to have an open house in August for the entire community to come and see the school and the great opportunity for learning that will be here in September and forAnother Chance – A Better ChoiceACCEPTING STUDENTS IN GRADES 9-12A TUITION-FREE PUBLIC SCHOOL ACADEMYWe are very excited to be in the building as it is being remodeled and designed to meet our students’ needs and will be a beautiful facility for our students to prepare for life after high school. You may be wondering why I titled this article, “Getting what they de- serve.” Normally that phrase is reserved for a negative connotation meaning somebody did something wrong and their punishment is exactly what they’ve got coming. In this case, however, I’m making the point that at long last our students will have a beautiful facili-ty designed specifically for them and hopefully not feel like they’ve beenyears to come. We will announce the open house date as soon as we have our occupancy permit. In the meantime, we are working in the building with office space in the Burma Center.Calhoun CommunityHigh School has been relocated to 765 Upton Ave., Springfield, MI, 49037. We will be occupying space in what is now known“Getting what they deserve!”Calhoun Community High School is a TUITION FREE public school academy. We are now enrolling for grades 9-12 for the 2019-20 School Year. Call (269) 565-2460 or visit our website at for enrollment information.If you have dropped out and are under age 23, call us about our Graduation Alliance Program.tossed aside, kicked to the curb, andleft to fend for themselves. Too often there is a negative connotation that goes with the title of “alternative education.” People attach stereotypes to that title like it’s a school for “bad kids.” So, let me set the record straight. Our students are not bad, unruly, or violent. They are just young men and women who haven’t always found success in the traditional high school and who thrive in a setting that provides more one on one attention and individualization. Nonetheless, a collateral reality when choosing an al- ternative education route is that students typically find themselves in an older, run down building. This in turn perpetuates the feeling that students are not wantedCALHOUN COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOLSMALL CLASS SIZESFEWER CREDITS REQUIREDONE- ON-ONE SUPPORTON-LINECLASSES AVAILABLEDUAL ENROLLMENT AVAILABLEHave you lost credit in your current high school?Are you more successful in a small learning environment with lots of support and one-on-one attention? If so, maybe you should check out Calhoun Community High School. We run a safe and orderly school,offering the Michigan Merit Curriculum to students who want toearn their diplomas and move on to college or work.CONTACT US FOR 2019-20 ENROLLMENT269-565-2460 • www.calhounhs.org765 UPTON AVENUE, SPRINGFIELD, MIANNUAL REPORT I SCENE 4407 15

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