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The daily routine was described in the Adjutant General’s report, “Camp Smith became a reality at revelle (sic), the 8th instant, immediately after which instruction commenced, with setting up drill, policing, breakfast, guard mount- ing by regiments, followed by battalion drill... After dinner battalion and battal- ion skirmish drill, brigade dress parade, following by a dress parade of one regiment.” They also had a sham battle but no target practice because there was not a suitable range. In the 1890 report the adjutant general’s report regretted the time spent on dress parade and said, “Skirmish drill, guard duty, qualification for riot service and expertness in the use of the rifle are some of the most import- ant points that ought to be developed in the modern National Guardsman.” In the 1890 camp they did have a suitable small arms and rifle range.Get your shopping on!The 6th Annual Candy Cane Lane (C.C.L.) Craft and Vendor Event will take place at Lakeview Middle School in Battle Creek on Saturday De- cember 14th from 9am- 3pm. The timing of this event is perfect with less than two weeks before the Christmas holiday.then RAFFLED OFF! Believe me, you’ll want to be sure to set asidea few minutes of your shopping to go browse the Raffle Gift Baskets. There’s sure to be one, or a few, that catch your eye. You will not need to be present to win.Candy Cane Laneoffers a large varietyof crafters so that youcan fulfill any shopping needs for the holidays with unique one-of-a-kind gifts. These range from crocheted items, baked goods, in-home and out- of-home decoratives to holiday décor, scented items, and jewelry.In addition to the crafters, vendors andIn addition to the unique crafters, C.C.L. is the place to come for finding your needed items from your favorite vendors, too. There will be close to all vendors represented.afternoon from our very own middle school choir. The choir might have some company and be joined by others offering more for our listening ears as we enjoy all that comes with getting ready for this holiday season.The atmosphere at Candy Cane Lane is sure to get you into the spirit of the season, if you are not already there. There will be more than 160 vendors and crafters equipped and ready to serve your shopping needs and wants.Please come out and join us for this Lakeview community event. Regardless what weather Michigan brings us on this glorious day, December 14 will be the day that you’ll want to spend time with us at Candy Cane Lane Craft/Vendor Event. Rain or shine we will be there ready for you! Our location is 300 S. 28th Street (Lakeview Middle School). If you have any questions please contact Teri Bussler, (269) 275-5978, tbussler@ Be sure to likeEach and every crafter/vendor donates an item and from that donation there are Gift Baskets that are built andus on Facebook @ Candy Cane Lane Crafter/Vendor baskets, there’s alsocaroling that happens through the late morning and earlyAs you can see by the map(s), the camp was set up on the north endof Goguac Lake. By this time both Surby’s Resort and the Beidler Park were in full swing and enjoyed bythe soldiers. Surby served in the 7th Illinois in the Civil War. For more on these parks, see Lowe’s Tales of Battle Creek, pp. 190-193.If you want to read more about activities of both camps, the Reportof the Adjutant General of the State of Michigan for the years 1889-1890 is online. Our local newspapers covered these camps in great detail. See Daily Journal, 8-8-1889 and Daily Moon 7-28-1890 for camp layouts, pen and ink drawings of the major officers, and a wonderful drawing of Camp Black. One of maps here is from the Adventist Review and Herald who also had a tent.Today this area is filled with housing developments, businesses, and school buildings of the Lakeview area from Territorial Road to the lake and from SW Capital to La Vista. (See Scene issues 4003 and 04 for the Foster devel- opment). The Guard got a permanent home in 1913 at Camp Grayling. Lum- ber baron, Rasmus Hanson, donated over 16,000 acres to the Michigan Na- tional Guard. Camp Grayling has since expanded to 146,000 acres. It is now the largest military installation east of the Mississippi and the largest National Guard training facility in the United States. See https://www.miarmyguard. com/history for more information. A tribute to our citizen soldiers on Veter- ans Day, Nov. 11, 2019.CHARITABLE ISSUE I SCENE 4411 15

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