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Education SceneProviding flexible and personalized learning environments.• Tuition free• Highly qualified teachers• Michigan merit curriculumRaising the bar: Some of the highlights of our non-traditional approach this year are: our growing participation in dual enrollment with Kellogg Community College, as well as the RMTC program. Students are also participating in the Calhoun Area Career Center (CACC) in pursuit of their desired career pathway. We now offer one-on-one, individualized math tutoring for students struggling in Math (as well as other academic areas).As we approach our 10 year anniversary during the 2019/2020 school year, we would like to celebrate the 250+ graduates and the countless other students we helped retain or makeup credits over the years.Students at West Michigan Virtual Academy get a jumpstart on their careers as they begin apprenticeships alongside their high school curriculum and are not tied to a typical school day. Those unsure of their career path begin exploring with the help from Goodwill Industries. Those that want to go to college are able to excel in their learning and then begin takingWe Offer:• FREEtutoring• FREE Summer School• FREE College dual enrollment • FREE Laptop and Internet• Grades 6-122018 GRADUATE2018 GRADUATIONCAREER DAYEach year we are adding more and more programs at WMVA, administration and staff look to expand to meet the needs of today’s students. Past successes include; a face-to-face College and Career Prep class teaching students real-life scenarios, FAFSA preparation to assist students in applying for college grants and scholarships, Career Day connecting students to mentors, graduation audits as teachers assist students to take control of their own graduation plans, SAT prep classes, and Military Day to assist students in learning about the opportunities available in joining. These programs evolve with the needs of our students.SUBMITTED BY BOB KUBIAK, Executive Directorthe ability to work from home or at one of our fully staffed computer labs.West Michigan Virtual Academy offers a non-traditional program and environment that, through time, has proven to be successful for many students. Students have a 24 hour access to their own personalized, state of the art, online curriculum. Each student is equipped with a personalized education plan, which outlines their exact needs in order to meet their goal. West Michigan Virtual Academy provides flexible and personalized learning environments, as well as highly qualified teachers in designated subject areas, mentor teachers that assist students in reaching their goals; a high school diploma, and even staffed with a school social worker.So, you need a different option to obtain your high school diploma? No problem. Imagine having the ability to complete all courses in an all-online or blended format withcollege courses at one of the partnering community colleges.MIDDLE SCHOOL THRU HIGH SCHOOLEARN A HIGH S@CHOOL DIPLOMAWith our central office being located inside the Full Blast building, WMVA offers so many exciting extracurricular opportunities for students. Opportunities like having access to a water park, fitness center and basketball/volleyball courts. Also, access to live, highly qualified educators and even a Master School Social Worker; whom provides a variety of services such as, but not limited to: individual counseling sessions, group counseling sessions and emotional support, all help to seal the uniqueness and success of WMVA.Looking foranother option for grades 6-12?We supply the technology, flexible learning options, and a supportive team of highly qualified teachers to help students earn their high school diploma. ANY TIME, ANY PACE, ANY PLACE!Come check out this whole “non- traditional” public school option that everyone is talking about.• FREE Tutoring • FREE College Dual Enrollment• FREE Summer School • FREE Laptop and InternetEDUCATION ONLINE! CALL TODAY 269-441-9463WE OFFERTo learn more about us go to www., find us on Facebook, call (269) 441-9463 or stop by and see our center at 35. West Hamblin Avenue.14 SCENE 4403 I EDUCATION ISSUE

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