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Health SceneKnee Replacement Surgery: What You Need to KnowKnee pain af- fects more than just your knee. It can affect your daily activities, your sleep and even make the simplest tasks difficult to finish.When nonsurgical treatments, such as medications, cortisone injections, strengthening exercises and weight loss no longer give relief, it’s time to consider knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement surgery has become a common and effective solution to relieve pain.There are two kinds of knee re- placement surgery, total knee replace- ment and unicompartmental knee re- placement. Total knee replacement, which is also referred to as total knee arthroplasty,issuitedforpatientswith advanced arthritis or damage to more than two compartments of the knee. The cartilage is removed from the upper and lower knee joint and is re- placedwithanimplantmadeofmetal and plastic. Ninety percent of the time, total knee replacement patients get pain relief and gain mobility which al- lows them to get back to the activities they enjoy.Partial knee replacement, also re- ferred to as unicompartmental knee re- placement, is a less invasive surgery for patients who have more limited arthritis in the knee joint. This surgery involves asmallerincisiontoremoveonlythe damaged cartilage in one part of the joint and replace it with an implant. Most patients will experience a faster recovery compared to having a total kneereplacement.At Bronson Battle Creek, two sur- gical methods are offered for knee replacement surgery – traditional, hands-on surgery and robotic-assist- ed. Surgeons advise each patient as to which approach would be most benefi- cial for their situation.Dr. Joseph Burkhardt, at Bronson Orthopedic Specialists, has more than six years of experience using robotic-as- sisted surgery for partial knee replace- ments, and was one of the first ortho- pedic surgeons in the world to perform robotic-assisted total knee replacement using the Navio Surgical System. “To me, new surgical technology like robot- ic assistance enhances the consistency of what the human hand can do alone,” says Dr. Burkhardt. “I believe robotics further enhances my ability to custom- ize surgery for the patient to achieve the best possible outcome.”BY DR. JOSEPH BURKHARDTHow do you know which type of knee replacement surgery and surgical method is the best option for you?The first step is to be seen byan orthopedics expert who will review all choices for treatment, including exercise and medicine. All five, board certified orthopedic physicians at Bronson Orthope- dic Specialists, perform total and partial knee replacement surgery at Bronson Battle Creek. To make an appointment at any of their three office locations, two in Battle Creek and one in Marshall, call(877) 704-3133.BRONSON ORTHOPEDIC SPECIALISTS PHYSICIANSLeft to Right: Daniel Garcia, MD; Joseph Burkhardt, DO; Mark Russell, DO; Barry Collins, DO; and Phillip Dabrowski, DO. As part of the region’s leading orthopedic and sports medicine program, this team specializes in knee,hip and shoulder replacement surgery, as well as sports medicineand general orthopedic care.12 SCENE 4311 I CHARITABLE ISSUE

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