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Health SceneBY LEISA BUTTS, Survivorship CoordinatorLife After Cancer – Tips for Living a Happy, Healthy Life as a Cancer SurvivorBronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center is recognized by the Joint Commission with the Gold Seal of Approval. This means it meets national standards for quality of care, soyou can trust you’re getting the best possible cancer care. Call (269) 245-8660 to schedule an appointment in Battle Creek or Marshall.The Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center has a registered dietitian who can help create nutrition plans.An estimated 15.5 million cancer survivors are currently living in the United States. That number is expected to grow to over 20.3 million by 2026. While I wish that millions of people didn’t have to fight cancer, the good news is that survival rates are improving. According to the National Cancer Institute, an average of 67 percent of those diagnosed become cancer survi- vors as deaths from cancer have dropped 26 percent since 1991.The power of support. Following cancer treatment, many survivors report feelings of loneliness. Worry sets in: ‘Is the cancer going to come back?’; ‘When am I going to start feeling like myself again?’; ‘How am I going to pay for all of my bills?’ are common fears survivors have.The importance of a primary care doctors. After the final round of treat- ment is done, oncologists work with each patient’s primary care doctor to help ensure a smooth transition of care. As part of Bronson’s survivorship care plan, each pa- tient receives an individualized follow-up plan. The plan outlines what routine follow up will look like, as well as what appoint- ments and tests are needed.There are two key factors in beating cancer: Finding cancer early and getting high quality, comprehensive treatment. After treatment, having support and making healthy lifestyle choices are also extremely important when getting back to “normal” day-to-day life. This is where cancer survivorship starts.Bronson offers a full range of cancer services. Whether a patient is recently diagnosed or undergoing chemotherapyor radiation, care is never far away. The Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center, located within Bronson Battle Creek Hospital, is accredited by:What is cancer survivorship? During treatment, patients are focused on their cancer journey. They are meeting regularly with their oncologist and are receiving ongoing treatment. When this ends, how- ever, activity slows and the waiting begins. Many survivors say this phase of cancer can be one of the most difficult times.• The Commission of Cancer of the Amer- ican College of Surgeons (since 1995)• The Joint Commission with its Gold SealAt the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center, we recognize the emotional toll of living with, through, and beyond cancer – and we’re here to help. We offer emotional, spiritual, medical, and financial support services throughout treatment. We also work to help patients plan their “new normal” when treatment ends.• Prevention programs• State-of-the-art technology and medicine • Robotic surgery using the da Vinci®One of the tools used is a survivorship care plan – a comprehensive report summa- rizing the treatment each patient receives, including an after-treatment plan outline. We’re proud to say that we develop a sur- vivorship care plan for every cancer patient who requests one, and every patient whotransportation, pain management, advanced illness management, and financial counseling12 SCENE 4411 I CHARITABLE ISSUELeisa Butts is the survivorship coordi- nator at the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center. Herrole is to walk beside patients on their cancer journey and help them plan for life after treatment. Theparticipates in our free survivorship program. And, at the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center, our support doesn’t end there. Our team is available to each survivor when- ever they have questions – no matter how long after treatment those questions arise.Eating well and being active. Staying physically active is linked to a higher qual- ity of life for cancer survivors. Maintaining a healthy weight is linked to a decreased risk of cancer reoccurring. Because of this, we encourage our survivors to eat a healthy, balanced diet and make physical activities they enjoy a part of their daily life.Nearly every patient at Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center can participate in Bronson’s survivorship program — and 99 percent do.Based on research, we know patients who are less worried and more positive have better outcomes and heal quicker. Because of this, we try to ensure all our survivors have the support of loved ones, close friends, and/or a care team to help them manage the path to recovery. Each month, we offer cancer support groups. This is an opportunity for cancer survivors and their loved ones to come together, talk about their journey and understand they are not alone. At the meetings, we often havea guest presenter. One month, a dietitian may stop by to teach participants how to make a low-calorie meal; the next we may have a yoga instructor teach a chair yoga class. The goal is to build a community of survivors who can support one another.For those who do not have a primary care doctor, we help them find a provider who will meet their healthcare needs. We believe it’s essential for patients to partner with a provider on their health on an ongo- ing basis.For some survivors, we also suggest seeking out additional support. Licensed therapists can help them work through emotions and grief.of ApprovalTMA higher level of cancer care.In addition to the survivorship program and other support services mentioned above, our comprehensive cancer services include:Free Monthly Cancer Support Groups at Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center Support groups are open to any community member during any stage of their cancer journey – recently diagnosed or living as a survivor. Details are available at bronson- No registration required. With questions, call the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center at (269) 245-8038.Cancer Support GroupThird Tuesday of every month – 4:30-5:30pmOne Day at a Time:Breast Cancer Support GroupLast Thursday of every month – 6-7:30pmSurgical System• Clinical trials and research• Support services like social workers,Bronson Oncology & Hematology Spe- cialists has offices in Battle Creek and Mar- shall. To learn more about the exceptional cancer care at Bronson, visit bronsonhealth. com/cancer.

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