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Education SceneBY OWEN BOMBAChristian Educationwhat I needed to formu- late my worldview.purpose for us and that is extremely important. Christian education creates motivated kids who aspire to become the greatest at what they want to do and more importantly, it builds exceptional character and productive citizens to ful- fill God’s plan and purpose for each and every person.Christian educa- tion is different from any other form ofteaching. We all learn how to spell, read/write and add/subtract, but where Christian educa- tion differs is in the pur- pose, or the perspectiveWhen I graduate this year, I will have a diploma from Calhoun Chris- tian School and from the Battle Creek Area Math Science Center. Some of my friends will also graduate from the Career Center. In addition to our educa- tion, my classmates and I have lettered in varsity sports, completed community service hours, and even held jobs in the community. We’re all busy trying to fin- ish high school and preparing to leave for college. Students that go through Christian education are ordinary kids - Christian education just helps us to find our extraordinary purpose.the students are taught.I have learned for twelve years now that when I do my homework, I do it for God, when I play a sport, I play for God, when I do com- munity service with my school, I do it for God, and when I inter- act with others, I do it for God. My schoolmates and I learn to view the world through the eyes of God’s trueTHE benchmarkOF EXCELLENCE IN CHRIST-CENTERED EDUCATION!• Biblical Character Education• Before and After School Child Care• Small Student/ Teacher Ratio• K-12 Foreign Language• Dual Enrollment• Full-Day 3-year-old Preschool to High School Graduation••Career and Technical Education at Calhoun Area Technology CenterSTEM Education at Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center•Title 1, Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, and Teacher Consultation Services availableCALHOUN CHRISTIAN SCHOOL269-965-5560 • fax 269-965-8038 • 20 South Woodrow Avenue in Battle CreekTwelve years. That’s how long I’ve been immersed in exceptional Chris- tian education and instructed by accom- plished teachers and faculty that repre- sent an example for the student body. This June, I will graduate from Calhoun Christian School. This is the place where I’ve spent most of my Christian educa- tional experience. I can’t say that all of my education has been easy, or even pleasant, but this teaching is exactlyEDUCATION ISSUE I SCENE 4403 11

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