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Scene Around TownBY PETER PHELPSthat program was George Costanza’s father, Frank. Instead of observing a crassly commercial celebration, he decided he was going to stage a one- man war on Christmas. Frank started his own tradition calling it Festivus. “Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son, George,” explained Frank. “I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way.” From that experience, Festivus was fashioned.The Battle Creek Metropolitan Area Moustache Society (BCMAMS) was founded in 2008. “We are a group of people trying to make Battle Creek a fun place in which to live,” said Brett Myers, executive director of Leila Arboretum Society and a member of the BCMAMS board of directors. “Our club’s motto is ‘Changing the face of charity right under your noses.’ ”Today, members of the Battle Creek Metropolitan Area Moustache Soci-ety (BCMAMS) will improve on that festivity this coming year (2020) by celebrating its 12th Annual Festivus Cardboard Sled Competition at Leila Arboretum. To make it as convenient as possible, it will be held on Saturday, ‘Febru-hairy’ 8. Registration is free and begins at 1pm; sledding begins at 2pm.their imaginations and ingenuity run wild for a family-friendly competition,” said Ben Duval, last year’s BCMAMS ‘Festivus’ chair. “The weirder the better, I always say.”Oh, by the way, the BCMAMS club says that facial hair is not mandatory to compete in this event. Take it from me, however, it might keep you warmer on a cold, blustery day... but it’s not required. I’ll race you to the bottom of the hill so we can both be ‘Scene Around Town’ on the 8th.Sledding events are not really new. Heck, when I was a kid, we donned our bulky wool, winter sweaters knitted with reindeer motifs (before they were considered ugly), and headed outdoors. Some in our neighborhood had Flexible Flyers to glide down the snow-packed hummocks in Indiana. My crowd of cronies took those journeys a little differently. We drove out to Roosevelt Hill in a 1941 Ford Business Coupe, re- moved the hood, turned it upside-down, and piled on for a toboggan-style ride to the bottom, often terrorizing other sledders as we passed them. After a half dozen down-ward trips, we brushed off much of the snow, hoisted the hood, bolted it back on the car, and drove home.CHARLIE JOHNSONROSS SCHIMMELJON BARNESANDY EMERSONThe local Moustache Society how- ever has taken that skidding excitement to a whole new level. “We are inviting kids and adults of all ages to design their sleds out of cardboard, lettingFestivus, the festival for the rest of us.Back in 1997, ‘Seinfeld,’ a popular televi- sion show drew national attention to the little-known holiday dubbed Festivus. One of the characters onIn addition to the sledding, for those with big feet, there will be Yeti food,Yeti-sized trophies, and a ‘Reinbeer’ Garden, whatever that is. You’ll have to come and find out for yourselves.To date, the 501 (c) (3) non-profit group has raised and donated over $200,000 to local charities.FUNERAL DIRECTORS & PRENEED ADVISORSToServe You Better105 Capital Ave., NE • 269-962-5527 • www.farleyestesdowdle.comJOHN DOWDLEBATTLE CREEK | AUGUSTA | RICHLANDMEN IN BUSINESS I SCENE 4501 11

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