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CalCo Admin UpdateBY KELLI SCOTT, Co. Admn./ControllerWith the end of summer, the Cal- houn County bud- get process begins. We have a busy few months ahead of us with numerous steps to be taken be- fore the 2019 bud-get is approved by the Board of Commis- sioners in December. Our initial forecast for 2019 shows a $1.6 million budget gap, mainly due to expected salary and bene- fits costs and essentially flat revenues.In the 2019 budget, we will incorpo- rate a new Public Defenders Office, cre- ated in compliance with recently enacted Michigan Indigent Defense Standards. A state grant will cover all added costs asso- ciated with establishing this office.Calhoun County received an ‘AA’ bond credit rating for our planned pension obligation bonds. The ‘AA’ rating was af- firmed, as well, for the county’s outstand- ing general obligation and its Michigan2019 Budget ProcessTransportation Bonds. The organization’s website explains that an ‘AA’ rating is in- dicative of “very strong capacity to meet financial commitments.”There is always so much going on in each department throughout the County. Some highlights:• Starting in August, our Solid WasteProgram welcomed ARC as a volun- teer in the Marshall recycling centers. ARC provides opportunities for adults with disabilities, and we’re excited to work with them moving forward.• Interactive maps for numerous services continue to be offered through our GIS program. We now offer online maps for senior services, and County Parks. Find them all at maps.calhouncounty-• Speaking of interactive maps, the Calhoun County Road Department continues to work through its road projects for the year. All of the 2018 projects can be found on its interactive map, at the link above or The Road Department recently finishedits chip seal operation, which is a maintenance project that extends the life of the road. These operations are in addition to the everyday work that the Road Department does.We’ve had fun recently, too. August was busy with the Calhoun County Fair, at which numerous County departments volunteered. We also held a ribbon cutting for the new courtyard on the south side of the County building, where the County jail once stood. With beautiful landscaping and easier access to the building, we hope that County residents find it a pleasant place to spend time in downtown Marshall.It’s easy to keep up with everything going on throughout the County. We are on Facebook as Calhoun County Gov- ernment, or you can sign up to receive press releases and Board of Commis- sioner meeting updates at our website, SCENE 4309 I HEALTH ISSUE

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