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B.C. City SceneBY REBECCA FLEURY Battle Creek City Managerutive Airport at Kellogg Field.Just last September, the city cele-The airport sits on more than 1,250 acres, and has grown tremendously over the years, both in infrastructure and the number of tenants operating on the field. Current tenants include the Michigan Air National Guard, Duncan Aviation, FAA Flight Inspection Field Office, WACO Classic Aircraft, Western Michigan University College of Aviation, and more than 50 private aircraft name will provide greater exposure, not only to our wonderful airport, but also to the City of Battle Creek.brated 95 years operating our airport.It is one of the largest general aviation airports in Michigan, and is consistently ranked in the top five busiest airports in Michigan.In fact, many people around the entire nation had eyes on Battle Creek and our airport leading up to, and on Dec. 18, as the President and Vice President of the United States held a campaign rally here. The President flew into and out of our airport that day on Air Force One. While the Vice President arrived by bus from Saginaw, he left Battle Creek on Air Force Two, via our airport. Motorcade vehicles also were staged at our airport leading up to the event.In December, the City Commission adopted an airport name change, as part of a recommendation in the airport’s 2017 strategic business plan to develop a new brand. I am thrilled to reintroduce our airport to the community as the Battle Creek Executive Airport at Kellogg Field.The new name – Battle Creek Execu- tive Airport at Kellogg Field – indicates the primary, business aviation function of our airport with the word “Execu- tive.” Those involved in the planning also worked to bring the “Battle Creek” geographic location back to the airport’s name, and included “Kellogg Field” to recognize the airport’s heritage.Neighbors have known the city’s airport by a variety of names over the years – the Battle Creek Airport offi- cially opened in 1925, and other names include Battle Creek-Kellogg Municipal Airport, and Kellogg Airfield. Neighbors most recently knew the airport as W.K. Kellogg Airport; Kellogg’s name first was added to the airport’s in 1928, when he donated $60,000 to purchase the land option, and pay for airport improvements and equipment.As our Airport Director, Larry Bowron, has said previously, the new name brings together the airport’s rich heritage, and its identity as a large, gen- eral aviation airport that serves a unique business aviation niche. We expect theWhat a historic time for Battle Creek, to host these aircraft and vehicles of na- tional stature, and to share our wonderful facility with the nation.The Battle Creek Executive Airport at Kellogg Field!Surveys have told us that we have an opportu- nity to educate our community about one of our fantastic city facilities – the Battle Creek Exec-I hope you will stay tuned this year for more events and celebrations, as our fantastic airport team continues to roll out the new brand, along with events to celebrate the new name, and the wonder- ful, 95-year history.Would you like to have Scene Magazine delivered right to your door?WHATA GREATIDEA!SUBSCRIBE!A subscription is only $22 for one year or $38 for two years.CALL CYD DEANE269-979-1411 ext. 303or cyd@scenepub.comFor a friend, or maybe a family member. psst... even for yourself!10 SCENE 4501 I MEN IN BUSINESS

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