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About Scene

Scene Magazine
, established in 1977, is recognized as the glossy “City Magazine” that has served the people who live and work in the Battle Creek / Marshall area of Southwest Michigan. Scene is published twelve times per year by W.W. Thayne Advertising, Incorporated. Scene is distributed free through our advertisers, area professional offices, and key points of interest in the Battle Creek / Marshall area.

Scene is also hand delivered, for free distribution to the general public, to over 100 locations throughout our market area. We want it out there, working – where people shop and dine.

Scene is also sold by subscription at $22 for 12 issues or $38 for 24 issues (free for regular advertisers). Due to bulk rate restrictions, copies of Scene are not forwarded automatically by the U.S. Post Office to recipients when they move or are temporarily away. Please contact our office with your new address before you move so we can update our mail list and provide you with uninterrupted service.

For advertising and publicity for your event or organization:

Scene Magazine
4642 Capital Avenue SW
Battle Creek, MI 49015-9350

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