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Scene Magazine is actually a state-of-the-art, targeted marketing vehicle with a positive point of view that can really make things happen for our advertisers. It’s not a news publication; we never carry lurid crime stories, partisan politics or sensationalism. Scene’s high quality production values, fabulous cover designs, and in-depth coverage of one broadly significant topic per issue – like health or education – makes it a must-read for adults who care about this community. You’ll likely find a copy proudly displayed in lobbies, in waiting rooms, and on coffee tables, all over town. It is estimated that each copy is read by ten different people, on average, each month. We understand the power of being completely local in focus. Scene Magazine has earned the trust of our readers; that trust extends to our advertisers.

Scene is mailed to members of the Battle Creek and Marshall Chambers of Commerce, Fort Custer businesses, members of the Battle Creek Country Club, doctor’s offices, civic leaders, business decision makers, and consumers of working age through mature adults with discretionary income. It’s no accident that our advertisers tend to be our area’s best respected businesses. They’re proud to be part of Scene Magazine...where community comes first!

Scene delivers so much local information and entertainment value that it has earned the attention of the community – your ad will be noticed. Contrast that with unsolicited mail, which is often tossed before it’s even opened. The Direct Marketing Association lists “requested publications” as the most responsive form of direct mail and you’ll find that putting your important message in Scene Magazine is far less expensive than a solo mailing. Being a regular Scene advertiser is considered a mark of quality. We limit the number of ads displayed on a page so you’ll never be lost in the clutter.

Scene is also hand delivered, for free distribution to the general public, to over 100 locations throughout our market area. We want it out there, working - where people shop and dine. Scene is available by subcription at $22 for 12 issues or $38 for 24 issues (free for regular advertisers).



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