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LOGO SHEETS: Staff will take your logo used in any of our publications to provide logo sheets to you for other uses...other media, sponsorships, logo wear, etc.

GUEST COLUMN B&W REPRINTS: Reprint your article and ad as printed in Scene Magazine.

FOUR PAGE BROCHURE: Combine Scene Magazine’s front cover with your two-page article and full page ad to create a new four page brochure to distribute to the community.

AD SLICKS FOR OTHER MEDIA: The Scene art department will rework your Scene or Senior Times ad to the specifications needed by any media around. That includes a change in dimensions, line screen, electronically provided, and more.

COLOR POSTERS / PRINTOUTS: Your four-color graphic image can be printed on glossy or non-glossy coated paper. Posters can be as wide as 3 feet and as long as 12 feet.

LOGO DEPARTMENT: Let the staff at Scene Publications develop a new logo for you. Includes the logo design, logo sheets, letterhead design, envelope design and business card design.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Scene Publications photographers can bring to life your photography needs for a building, staff or event.

COPY WRITING: Bring the same energy and positive outlook to your press releases and brochures with the help of our professional writing staff.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Through our parent company, WW Thayne Advertising Consultants, Inc., we can help your company or organization meet its marketing goals. WW Thayne is a full-service consulting, marketing and advertising agency. Services include developing corporate identity manuals, business plans, marketing and promotional plans, and training programs. Promotional services include advertising campaigns from brochures and print ads, to radio, television and video production. Packaging art, point-of-purchase materials, sales materials, logo development, web page design, writing services, newsletters, and typesetting.

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